What Are The Differences Between Semalt's AutoSEO And FullSEO Services?


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  • About AutoSEO
  • Who is AutoSEO best for?
  • About FullSEO
  • Who is FullSEO best for?
  • Key similarities and key differences
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At Semalt, we specialize in all things SEO. While we offer tons of great services for business owners, our SEO services are some of our most popular options. Semalt offers AutoSEO and FullSEO services to meet the needs of any business. If you're trying to decide which route would suit your company's website best, read on to discover the differences between AutoSEO and FullSEO.

About AutoSEO

Our AutoSEO service is designed to give you great results in a short time. AutoSEO is an ideal way to begin diving into the world of SEO. Services include website visibility improving, web analytics reports, keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

When you begin with our AutoSEO service, we will analyze your existing website and provide a brief report that discusses your website's correspondence with website building and SEO industry standards to help you understand your positions with Google and how you can improve. We will analyze the website, compile a list of things to fix, determine traffic-generating keywords, and place relevant links. You'll receive daily updates on the rankings of your keywords and the analytical reports of your website.

After your $0.99 two-week trial, AutoSEO services start at $99 per month. You can also choose a three-month subscription for $267 (10% off), a six-month subscription for $504 (15% off), or a one-year subscription for $891 (25% off).

Who is AutoSEO best for?

AutoSEO is designed for those who may not have any prior experience with SEO but still want to increase sales. This service is a budget-friendly option which works well for new businesses or businesses just starting to determine a digital marketing budget.

The AutoSEO package is perfect for those needing website optimization, as our team of experts is well-versed in Google search engine requirements. This package also focuses on attracting new visitors, improving the visibility of your website, and increasing your business's online presence. All of this is done at the best price on the market and will allow you to see results right away.

About FullSEO

FullSEO provides advanced SEO techniques designed specifically for your business. Our FullSEO services let you work with our experts to create a customized plan. Services include internal optimization, link earning, website error fixing, content writing, and support and consulting.

Once you've selected our FullSEO services, we will create a report outlining your website's correspondence with website building and SEO industry standards. You'll get a comprehensive semantic analysis of your website, its structure, and its semantic kernel. We will then find relevant keywords, compile a list of errors, begin a complete internal optimization of your site, manually place links for external optimization, and keep you monitored on daily progress.

Pricing for FullSEO services is based on both the subscription length and the package selection. Subscriptions can be billed every one month, three months, six months, or one year. Package options include local SEO, country SEO, and worldwide SEO.

Who is FullSEO best for?

FullSEO is best for those who are seeking out excellent results in a short time. FullSEO customers are typically already familiar with the world of SEO and have a bit more budget to spend toward SEO marketing. 

Customers who choose the FullSEO package are often looking to ensure their site is fully compliant with SEO standards. The FullSEO service is intended to help you invest in your future wisely, giving you tips and advice that will carry you through the years. This tool also gives you a positive ROI and provides fast, effective, long-term results to put you above the competition.

Key similarities and key differences

All of our SEO services are designed with the same goal: get you to the top. Your website will be optimized to meet SEO standards and give you the best chance at reaching the top of search engine results. No matter which package you select, you'll be given a website analysis outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your current site. Once we begin performing services, we continually update you on the website's progress, and you'll always have a team member available to you whenever you need them.

The biggest difference in our AutoSEO and FullSEO services is the scale. AutoSEO is intended to be a starting point for small businesses or for business owners who have no prior experience with SEO. Since it is so budget-friendly and beginner-oriented, the services in this package are more basic. With FullSEO, however, you have access to a wider range of more in-depth services, perfect for those who are already familiar with SEO and who are prepared to invest more into digital marketing.

Additional services

Semalt also offers a range of other services in addition to our AutoSEO and FullSEO packages. Our e-commerce SEO is specifically designed to unfold the potential of your online business with flexible solutions to promote your store. Our website analytics allow you to monitor the positions of yourself and your competitors, discover new markets, and suggest places to improve. We also offer web development and video production services to help set your website and your company apart.


We are proud to offer both our AutoSEO and FullSEO service packages to meet the needs of any business owner, marketing expert, analyst, or webmaster. While the two packages have significant differences related to scale and price, they are both effective ways to understand your website's current performance and improve your overall SEO strategies.

About Semalt

Semalt is a full-scale SEO agency that was founded in September 2013. Since its inception, Semalt has helped thousands of clients achieve higher search engine rankings, greater conversion rates, increased engagement, and other incredible results. The team at Semalt is passionate about SEO promotion, web development, analytics services, and everything else that goes into the exciting world of digital marketing.

Contact Semalt today to learn more about their services and to schedule a complimentary SEO consultation.